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Fulfilling International Orders

The UFA Marketplace has a number of advantages for international sellers, by joining the platform you gain instant access to buyers which generate demand for your products, our platform has experienced rapid growth in the UK market with plans on expanding further in the near future.

As an international seller you will be paid in GBP, currency conversion fees, shipping and taxes are your responsibility alongside a £25 bank charge

Fulfilling International orders

As an international seller you can ship products directly to the customer whenever needed without any additional costs beside shipping and tax

UFA Local

UFA Local - Extra 5% commission cost

With our UFA Local scheme, we can help get stock to your customers quicker and improve your sales process.

How it works - Send your stock to our warehouse (min. 30 SKUs). We will store the inventory and ship the products to the customer for swift delivery & returns We will cover all packaging and shipping costs for stock and samples for your convenience.

Seller’s Payout

According to the payout policies as a seller in UFA Marketplace, we like you to understand and learn these very important points for your international sales.

  • As a UFA Marketplace seller, you can get a payout on an individual as well as multiple orders. For example, you can quickly transfer your money to your bank account starting from a single charge.
  • On the seller’s payout, the bank will charge £50 on each transaction despite any profit or income received by UFA Marketplace.
  • The conversion from GBP into PKR will be determined by the current currency rate on the transaction day.
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