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Benefits For Sellers

UFA Marketplace allows you to sell with confidence.

Our risk free platform features an unrivalled selection of approved buyers.

Simplify your sales process and avoid any potential hurdles coming your way.

2000+ Registered Buyers

Increase Demand For Your Products

    Join a platform that is designed to give you the market you have been looking for. The UFA Marketplace has thousands of buyers, and that number is rapidly climbing the ladder day by day. This will ultimately increase the demand for your products.

Grow Your Business

    Grow your business like never before. With the increase in buyers daily, your brand/business will see an uplift in its visibility which will boost your sales to another level. This recipe will, in the long term, benefit your business by rewarding you with loyal, trustworthy customers (buyers).

Vendor Store

Feature Your Logo, Product Collection & Unique URL

    Have your very own unique storefront set up at the UFA Marketplace with your own logo and inventory and a URL to give direct access to your customers. Start advertising your best selling products to the growing demand.

Interactive vendor panel

    The design in itself is simple and easy to use. With your own interactive vendor panel, navigation couldn't be any easier.

Seller Support

Email Or Call, We Are Available

    Our end goal is to give you the platform that improves your business in every aspect and pushes it to surpass its limits and experience growth like never before. To meet these goals, we are ever ready to support you and your business/brand with whatever inquiries or technical issues you may face. We will text or call away.

Buyer Screening

Credit And Business Standing Check

    Our dedicated team is very conscious when it comes to ensuring our sellers have authentic buyers and people they can trust to work and collaborate with and make sales to.

A Risk-free Wholesale Marketplace

    The UFA Marketplace is the one-stop platform you can trust. We are continuously working to ensure your seller experience is one which surpasses your expectations. We aim to do this by ensuring the members that join our platform are ones we trust to do business with. Any new member that bypasses our trust is guaranteed to elevate your business and give you the right edge.

Save Money

In-house Sales? Marketing Teams? No Need

    With the UFA Marketplace, you have a platform along with the ever growing demand for your products. You no longer have to sit back and wait for your products and business to be recognized. This platform is tailored to do just that and more for you.

Benefits At A Fraction Of The Cost

    You no longer have to worry about big budgets spent on organizing a team or a work office. All that is covered at the UFA Marketplace to ensure you are making huge savings whilst saving your time side by side.

Save Time & Grow Your Business

    Our platform alongside our services is a recipe that will ensure you are not only saving yourself precious time but also growing your business the proper way. And there is no better way to do it than to join a platform that is tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Dispute Mediation

We Got Your Back

    When it comes to a rough situation with buyers, our dedicated team has got you covered. Our goal is to ensure you face no kind of inconvenience when dealing with buyers or anyone at our platform.

Trust Us To Find A Rapid, Satisfactory Solution

    We value your time, and it can be an exciting feeling to finally get your hands on a product you've craved for. That is why we ensure your order is dispatched to your doorstep as soon as you have proceeded with your payment.

Waste No Time & Focus On The Goal

    The environment at the UFA Marketplace is one which promotes a healthy work ethic. This will work wonders for you the seller and give you the environment which produces results and encourages you to focus on your goal for the growth of your business.

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