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About us:

We have been in the vape distribution business since 2013, we were one of the first distributors to start selling through wholesale webpage back in 2014, while everyone else was still using spreadsheets.

We stand different from other distributors because of our distinctive way of dealing with our customer’s requirements. The UFA Marketplace Ltd. connects vaping wholesale vendors and retail buyers from all across the UK. Our ground-breaking platform re-defines the wholesale experience and provides a vast selection of additional benefits.

Our vision

Quality, cost, vast variety, and customer service are the main highlights of the UFA Marketplace Ltd. Our goal is more than just buying and selling products. We believe in trust and this is why we're here to form a relationship, to provide you with a business partner that you can rely on, a partner that helps to grow.


Explore the largest selection of sellers and buyers in the UK vaping industry on a single platform. Join the marketplace and reap the benefits of a shopping experience free from restrictions.

Quality and Advice

All marketplace members go through extensive screening, ensuring good financial standing of buyers and only genuine products used by sellers. Our dedicated support offers 1-1 support, product advice, and dispute mediation.


The largest selection of buyers and sellers allows us to provide cutting edge prices to our customers. Join the marketplace and benefit from a market-leading selection of products at the best prices available.

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Enhance your business with us

The benefits of the UFA Marketplace Ltd. expand beyond what we already mentioned. By becoming a dedicated customer you are eligible for complimentary marketing services, designed to help your brand reach that next step.

In this offer you’ll get free: 

- Web design - Refresh of an existing website or a brand new one

- Social Media Marketing

- Graphic Design

- Content writing


- Email marketing


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